Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Librarian Entrepreneurs - Welcome Cable&Clark

Let's see... we've got a law firm SEO, a social media consultant, and a KM, Library & Information Management consultancy. How about a company specializing in legal information cost recovery?

Enter Cable&Clark, a company that Colleen Fitzgerald Cable and Sarah Clark Kavanagh formed to help law firms make their information services more cost effective. They advise on everything from library budgets, contract negotiations, and vendor relations to attorney training and retention. Their website also includes some specific examples of cost savings they've achieved.

One of the company's first offerings is Prepare2Practice, an intensive training workshop for new calls and law students nearing graduation. They also have a blog, Law Firm Bottom Line, which features a mix of commentary and links on legal research, vendor news, associate retention, alongside company news & announcements.

From their time in the field, Colleen and Sarah knew there was a market for "real-world" training on legal research, cost recovery, and IM for law firms. Confident that they were well positioned to help, they formed their new business in September, and are now doing what they love... helping firms with three of their biggest priorities: retaining associates, keeping costs down, and passing those savings on to clients.

So a big VLLB congratulations to Colleen and Sarah on their new business. It's really fantastic to see more librarians out there staking their claim!


Blogger Wendy Reynolds said...

I'm fascinated to see how all of you are repurposing your MLS's and library experience. I hope that students are watching and learning!

1:13 PM  

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