Friday, September 12, 2008

The Thomas Cromwell Pages

The Thomas Cromwell PagesMy friends over at Slaw (not me this time...) are up to their usual innovative tricks with the release of a new project, “The Thomas Cromwell Pages”.

On September 5, 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper nominated Mr. Justice Thomas A. Cromwell (currently of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal) to fill the vacancy on the SCC bench. And since the Office of the Commissioner of Federal Judicial Affairs hasn’t yet published a website for Justice Cromwell, who better to rummage up some information on the potential SCC judge than the bloggers of Slaw and their loyal readers?

The Cromwell Pages includes links to online information (articles, news items, Cromwell's judgments & publications, etc.) dealing with Justice Cromwell and the judicial selection process.

Want to get in the game? There’s also a bookmarks page that anyone can contribute to – and here’s where you come in. Simply save the relevant page in Delicious, tag it with “thecromwellpages”, and it will appear shortly in the Cromwell Pages list of bookmarks.



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