Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alberta Municipal Bylaws

Released today on the CALL listserv, Mary Hemmings, Assistant Director at the University of Calgary Law Library shared the Alberta Bylaws Digitization Project. A new collection providing access to historical Municipal Bylaws, available for both searching and browsing (by year).

The project, she adds, 'began on a modest scale in 2004 and is now picking up momentum'. The collection is highlighted as 'new' on the website.

I've had nice things to say about Alberta's Our Future Our Past website in the past, and still love the work they're producing. Archival capturing of bylaws allows for better research, documentation for municipal history, and comparisons of local government over time. Not always the makings of headline news, but important to the concept of legacy, and for future generations.

You can visit and find a number of similar top-quality collections. It's a great model, and one that other provinces would do well to follow.


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