Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mary Abraham's Above and Beyond KM

For those tracking blogs on the legal KM front, I'd like to give a strong endorsement for Mary Abraham's Above and Beyond KM. It's only been running for a couple months now, but it's well written and insightful.

What I like about this blog is that it focuses on process & people rather than technology. And when technology is addressed, the underlying aspects of change management & practicality seem to prevail. Always important in a law firm setting, IMO.

Do check it out. Mary's RSS feed is here.

[hat tip to Doug Cornelius]



Blogger Mary Abraham said...

Steve -

Thanks so much for your kind words. Above and Beyond KM tries to shine a light on the less tangible aspects of law firm knowledge management that sometimes get ignored in the excitement of deploying new technology. To my surprise, this focus is leading me to question some of the comfortable assumptions I had about effective law firm KM. One good example of this is the impact of the general personality type of lawyers on KM. There is much to explore here, much to learn. I welcome your insights and look forward to further conversation.

- Mary

5:31 AM  

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