Friday, December 02, 2005

BC Government RSS Feeds!

Hot off the press! ... RSS feeds for the BC Government!

To start, they've launched a list of topical feeds. You can take a full Government wide news feed, which could be filtered for keywords using tools like FeedDigest or FeedShake; or you can select from a number of pre-selected themes or Ministries.

No legislation feeds yet, but we're sure QP LegalEze is working on it. :-)

Also a hidden gem item: Get a feed for Government news surrounding the 2010 Olympic Games!

Hat tip to my friend Teresa Gleave at Faskens, who sent me a note while I was off yesterday. Thanks Teresa! :-)


Blogger Gordon said...

Hi Steve,

Another RSS feed of note, perhaps one more interesting for some of your legal audience: OpenRoad recently implemented an RSS feed for the Supreme Court and the new Publication Ban web application. You can sign up to be notified of applications for discretionary bans.

Email notifications are another option. Interesting to see how this takes off, given the use of RSS by members of the legal community.


Gordon Ross
OpenRoad Communications

5:14 PM  

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