Tuesday, November 15, 2005

MacLean's Magazine Buys Canadian Privacy Commissioner's Cellphone Records

David Fraser, writer of The Canadian Privacy Law Blog, has been watching with keen interest as Macleans Magazine is set to publish how national correspondent Jonathon Gatehouse bought the phone records of Canada's privacy commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart.

David has now posted a follow-up (yesterday), noting how Bell Canada is in damage control mode over the story. (Also worth a mention, gotta love the vintage Canadian sarcasm in this quote: "Perhaps they can complain to the Privacy Commissioner?") ... :-)

A nice bit of blogging, but more so, it's important to acknowledge David's work over the past (almost) two years. The realm of Canadian law blogs has huge potential with committed bloggers like David Fraser. Keep it up!

Update 11/16/05: The article is now up (hat tip to Michael Geist).


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