Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Davenport & Prusak are Blogging!

I feel just silly. Two authors I read regularly, Tom Davenport & Larry Prusak, joined the blogosphere and I didn't catch on for almost 2 months!

Along with Don Cohen, they are publishing a collaborative blog titled The Babson Knowledge Blog. The blog is also connected to the Babson College's Working Knowledge Research Center, or WKRC.

From the inaugural post, Davenport discusses the blog's goals:

"First, it’s a nice way to talk informally about knowledge and learning topics—there is a lot that doesn’t fit into a research paper format. Secondly, we hope that a variety of people who are connected to the WKRC will get involved—researchers, sponsors, and assorted friends. We definitely don’t want this to be “The Tom and Larry (Prusak) Show.” Third, it’s a vehicle for getting some of our ideas into the world at large, without being subject to the tyranny of Harvard Business Review or Sloan Management Review editors."

Tom, Larry & Don - a belated welcome! Let the practical & informal discussions begin. :-)

The RSS feed for the Babson Knowledge Blog is available here. (subscribed!)

Related Update: Connie Crosby has a great set of notes from Tom Davenport's keynote at KM World and Intranets 2005.

Another one ... more notes on that keynote from Bill Ives.


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