Monday, May 02, 2011

New Distance Family Mediation Service from Mediate BC

Today marks the launch of an innovative new service from Mediate BC. The Distance Family Mediation Project will allow people going through a separation or divorce to work with an experienced family mediator without having to leave home.

According to Susanna Jani, Project Coordinator of the Distance Family Mediation Project, British Columbians undergoing separation or divorce often find it difficult to talk to each other in person because of distance or conflict. This service will allow spouses or partners to take part in private and informal mediation sessions from their own homes, by telephone, email, or videoconferencing. Mediation topics include child custody and support, division of family assets, parenting decisions, and other concerns arising out of separation or divorce.

The project is being funded by the BC Law Foundation, with the goal to make family mediation affordable and available to everyone, regardless of their income or location. Families using the service pay the mediator according to a sliding scale rate, based on their income.

Kudos to the Mediate BC for spotting a need in the mediation landscape and developing a service to fill it! To learn more about the society's family mediation services, visit


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