Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Slaw No Longer Just Research

As Simon Fodden announced this morning (ok, well it's morning on the west coast...) Slaw has not only expanded in its number of core contributors recently, but we've also made the decision to increase our topic coverage beyond the realm of legal research and information sources.

The addition of the Three Dave's this past week was a bit of a new beginning for our group. Three years have passed and we're all looking to re-engage. It's not that legal research and the use of legal information isn't still important to us. And the fact that its something that all Slaw members have in common means that it will remain core to what we do... but, it was definitely time to recognize the slippery slope we've been heading down:

Slaw produces commentary on all things relevant to the legal industry with a uniquely Canadian spin.

Doesn't sound so bad. Does it?



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