Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh Canada... Rogers Canadian IPhone 3G Pricing

Looks like pricing for Rogers 3G iPhone will delay Canada's adoption. See the press release, but once again Canadian consumers will be hit with some of the world's worst data plan charges. Seriously - a regular cell phone user will hit $100-150 monthly, and still may trigger overage charges.

Another point. The fact that 3G technology is coming to Canada - a technology that's supposed to revolutionize the high-volume mobile web - probably means little without an unlimited data plan even being on Rogers menu. A good quote taken from Mark Evans post:
The early feedback from the wireless-only people in our office and the comments flowing in is that the Rogers plans are terrible, and the lack of an unlimited, all-you-can-eat data plan a la AT&T in the U.S. is a “joke”.
The great Canadian mobile fleecing continues.... I think I'm on the iPhone boycott list for the foreseeable future.



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