Monday, June 23, 2008

The Good Work of Lawyers

This post is a bit off my regular beat, but as this is my personal blog, I'd like some leeway for a bit of a tangent... :)

In a world where the legal profession doesn't always get much positive press, I'd like to highlight the work of one local lawyer I recently became aware of.

I got a chance to meet Lorne Welwood a few weeks ago, when my wife started practising at his law firm. Lorne is a founding partner at Abbotsford firm of Welwood Wiens Warkentin; but the interesting part about Lorne is that he also serves as the Executive Director for Hope Services, a BC Adoption Agency.

Perhaps it's just me, but the concept of a senior practitioner donating a substantial portion of his time to an adoption agency, while still managing a legal practice, is pretty amazing. It's one thing to donate time to a cause. A lot of lawyers do, in fact. But having the vision to see the legal skill set as an opportunity to expand life's calling, is extremely admirable.

It also strikes me that this a big world, and a story like this can't be that unusual. And with the hordes of legal bloggers out there; there might be other stories to tell? So, give it some thought. Do you have a story about the good work of lawyers? Consider dropping a comment on this post, or blogging about it!


Blogger Lorne said...

Thanks for your recognition and kind words. I'd like to put in a plug for Murray Sadler, a lawyer in Prince George where I practiced for the first 15 years of my legal career. Murray had a very large part in getting the University of Northern BC off the ground. See his profile at

Lorne Welwood

3:08 PM  

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