Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nina Platt, Librarian Leader & New Law Blogger

The value of law blogs can only increase when thought leaders like Nina Platt and her new blog Strategic Librarian come online. Over the years, Nina's writing has become very well known and respected by law librarians and KM professionals alike. And if you look at the quality of Nina's first posts, it seems we're all about to benefit from her smaller and more regular contributions.

For those of you with an RSS reader, I'd expect you'll be interested in this. Right? :-)

I also can't help but feel a bit of kinship here. Similar to my own situation, after many years of working in law firms, Nina's now exposing her skill set to the rest of the legal market with her new company Nina Platt Consulting, Inc. I wish her the best of luck, and reserve the right to update this post when her new company website comes online.

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