Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stem Friends!

Facebook. College social hangout or worthy business tool?

One thing I do know about the Internet is that things often start social and experimental, and then end up with a business development spin. Email, websites, blogs -- over the past 14 years I've seen it happen repeatedly. And now Social Networking. The popularity of facebook is through the roof these days, and the grey area between social contacts and business contacts is already starting to emerge. The next logical question for me is, how soon do the business applications arrive? Well, I want to find out and definitely think it's worth an experiment to help build my new company's profile.

So come join my new facebook group Stem Friends! I want Stem to be the type of company that supports everyone's innovations on the legal web. And now we have a place to chat about it!

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Blogger Tom said...

Just saw something similar about this in Wired at

It'll be impressive it people can really generate money from a website. So many sites are popular until they get too commercial.
tom slade

3:24 PM  

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