Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Osgoode's New SCC Blog - The Court

Osgoode Hall law school has launched a new blog on the Supreme Court of Canada titled The Court. Another great example of legal scholarship and academia pushing forward with blog technology.

The scope of this new website is described in Patrick Monahan's welcome post:

Our subject is the recent and upcoming work of the Supreme Court of Canada — which is to say most of the difficult current issues in law and policy. The Court will provide information, critique, valuable resources and the opportunity to engage in debate about our highest tribunal and the case law that it makes.

The Court is based in our faculty and will draw much of its content from faculty members and student editors here. But The Court will also reach out to seek commentary from scholars, practitioners and other interested citizens across the country — and, indeed, from around the world.

If coverage is half as good as the US based ScotusBlog, this will be a substantial addition to Canada's online legal commentary. Congratulations to everyone involved!


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