Friday, January 19, 2007

Google Misses Again on Librarian PR

Antique books? Old Library buildings? That's the look of the new Google Librarian Central blog. Steven Cohen isn't happy, and either is Phil Bradley. So let me echo here too: Google has *no clue* how to market to Librarians.

How many blogs, Librarian Center's, and 'special newsletters' does it take for Google to sway the Librarian masses? Unfortunately, not very much. Despite being one of the largest groups of blogging professionals, you'll usually find us rah-rah'ing each and every Google product rollout.

As I've said before, we're an easy linkbait target. Microsoft did it with the Ms. Dewey search engine, and now Google's buying in. Our profession has a long tradition of critical thought for information products. It's too bad we don't extend that same level of critique to everyone.

This is seriously getting ridiculous. If Librarians as a community would simply hold their professional standards, the Google's of the world wouldn't be getting a free ride. And they just might think harder next time; before extending that 'hair-in-a-bun', leather bound monograph clipart our way.

Update: This story has hit TechMeme. Looks like our law library friend Lo-Fi is getting some big traffic today!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure how that happended, but I'm not complaining.
By the way, I was reading 'Computers and Law' the other day and noticed you got a mention in an article on predicitions for 2007. Joe Reevy (director of Words for Business) cited your Top 10 uses of RSS.

4:48 PM  

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