Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Vancouver Law Library Blogs

I'm very proud to announce that two of my Vancouver colleagues have jumped on the law library blogging circuit. Similar to Anh Huynh and Kay Samuels who recently started contributing to Connie Crosby's blog, two of our more ambitious VALL members, Emma Wood & Rob Golbeck, have started their own blogs!

Check out Emma's Ballad in Plain E and Rob's LibTech Life. For those reading along at home, make sure you grab a copy of Emma's feed, and Rob's feed. Both sites will be a part of my blog roll by the end of today.

There are obviously a limited number of Library Technician blogs online (especially in the law library realm), and both Rob & Emma should be congratulated for being among the first. And the fact that it's these two who are leading the way, at least for me, comes as no surprise. Both Emma and Rob are active in various local Associations, especially LTAIG, and both are great communicators. Regular VLLB readers will remember that I recently blogged about Emma's article in Free Pint.

I will make one tiny point of disclosure -- Rob & I work together. And we all know what that means... double brownie points for taking me to task whenever I put my foot in my mouth. ;-)

Best of luck Emma & Rob! Our west coast tribe is expanding!


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