Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Time for UK Librarians to jump on the Blog-wagon?

In a new post (full text pdf), Scott Vine is making a similar call to UK law librarians that Connie and I made to our Canadian colleagues back in February. Scott presents a nice overview of blogging and blog styles, and covers some of the benefits to being a blogger.

Connie Crosby, Steven Cohen & Jenny Levine are all quoted in the article. And my favourite quote (via the Shifted Librarian herself):

“If you find yourself writing email rants that you send off to a select group of people, you could be a blogger. If you’re always sending links to people, you could be a blogger. And if you’re at all opinionated about a specific topic, you could be a blogger”.

(don't insert 'redneck' for blogger, it only get's confusing ;-> )

BTW, the Information Overlord is also a blog I highly recommend (rss feed here).


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