Tuesday, July 26, 2005

RSS Feeds for Alberta QP Website &
QP Source Professional

Thanks to Teresa Gleave, Fasken's Library Director here in Vancouver, for redirecting this notice from Sheldon Staszko (via the Calgary LL Group Listserv):

"Dear CLLG Members,

I am pleased to announce that Alberta Queen's Printer has launched its RSS (Really Simple Syndication) service to provide the public with the ability to receive updates to legislation directly to their desktop.

Users can subscribe to receive all legislative updates or only those updates to legislation of individual government ministries. The service is also provided to subscribers of QP Source Professional.

For more information on the RSS service or to subscribe to receive legislative updates, please visit the Queen's Printer website and click on the XML RSS link under "What's New".

If you are a subscriber to QP Source Professional, please select your RSS feeds on QP Source Professional.

Have any questions or comments on RSS? Feel free to contact me at the information below.



Sheldon D. Staszko
Director, Alberta Queen's Printer"

Teresa also comments, "this is something something many of us have been waiting for, to help law librarians push current information to our users instead of having to go look for it. Now if we can just get B.C. and Canada to start doing this." Wouldn't that be nice! And wouldn't it be interesting if Legislative updates beat our Courts & case law to the RSS punch. I never would have guessed it.


Blogger Emma said...

Wow, awesome!

I'm writing an e-mail to the BC QP right now, encouraging them to get something similar going.

9:39 AM  

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