Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Long Time No Blog?

Well I'm finally back and sort of dug out. 563 post-spam-filter emails later, and I'm almost back in the land of the normalcy.

A couple of notables, from while I was gone...

The Internet Marketing Attorney is at it again. Micah Buchdahl reviews the AMLaw 250 websites, plus a ton of International and Small/Mid Sized law firm websites (toot toot on the International Category...). Law firms have until September to get their entries in. I've got a couple of more feature additions before I make our submission. :-)

Cindy Chick has also dug up an interesting article - Critical Issues in Legal Records Management. I've just skimmed, but RIM is one of the topics that first drew my interests towards KM (and I also think it's one of those core competency things), so I'll be having a nice read on the train ride home tonight.

Finally, Joy London points to an interesting article in Managing Partner magazine. And the best quote (IMHO) was from a Canadian KM practitioner - Marcia Cooper from Blakes:

"The early initiatives tended to focus on discrete legal know-how needs, such as establishing model precedents and a collection of research memoranda. These objectives have broadened to address a wider range of explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge capture. KM is more than legal know-how, comprising client and firm information. We aim to leverage our information and knowledge on a global basis for reuse in practice and application in business development, client service, risk management and the firm’s operations."

It's nice to see anyone pushing a very broad vision of KM like this. Way to go Marcia!


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