Friday, June 17, 2005

UBC SLAIS 2005 Academic Awards

Picked up via Christina Zeller's message on the SLA WCC Listserv, UBC SLAIS has announced it's 2005 Academic Award recipients.

The 2005 Winners are:

Enid Dearing/Alan Woodland Book Prize - Heather De Forest
Willard Ireland Prize - Bart Ballaux
Stanley and Rose Arkley Memorial Prize - Jennifer Waters
Beverley Maureen Becker Memorial Prize - Christopher Koth
Friends of the Richmond Archives Prize in Archival Studies - Rachel Mills
Marian Harlow Prize in Librarianship - Jeffrey Voon
C.K. Morison Memorial Prize - Joseph Geary
Archives Association of British Columbia Mary Ann Pylypchuk Memorial - Ann Forman
Neal Harlow Prize - Heather De Forest
Brock Family Award - Adele Torrance
SLAIS Award for Cataloguing - Lindsay Ure
Gordon New Memorial Prize - Katherine Miller
Ken Haycock Award in Library and Information Studies - Richard Matiachuk
C. William Fraser Prize - Hilary Bloom
Harold Naugler Memorial Prize - Heather Daly
Roy Stokes Medal in Archival Studies - Shaunna Moore
Ruth Cameron Medal for Librarianship - Christopher Koth

Congratulations to everyone!


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