Friday, June 04, 2010

Bravo to Simon Fodden and Why Slaw is better than ever!

Ever since the redesign of which incorporated a significant bump in volume for the now daily columns, I find myself reengaged as a reader.

The content split between the more formal columns and the informal blog posts seem to compliment each other extremely well. To the point where, I'm waiting for: A) break-out topic post that highlights a solitary issue within one of the columns, or B) a critical rant directly against a current columnist's contribution. The side-by-side arrangement of these two page elements also creates a contrast effect [columns -> blogs -> comments & sharing], and was well thought out.

The other aspect that has me energized is Slaw's comments. The quality & quantity of discussion has never been better in my opinion, and the diversity of perspectives gained from our new writers is the biggest driving factor. As a bit of an insider tip, if you're following Slaw on RSS without the comments included, you're missing half the fun.

Credit for both the new design and drive for author expansion are due on one man's shoulders - and from the title of this post, I think you can guess who.

This all is my long winded way to say 'bravo' to Simon Fodden, who continues to be the visionary of our founding foursome. While Connie, Simon C. and myself are all splitting our Slaw commitment with other interests, Simon continues to devote significant time - to our platform, distribution channels, author recruiting, content quality, and anything else he can get his fingers on! :)

Perhaps most important, Simon continues to imagine. It's a quality that I greatly admire; always have with Simon. And I know Slaw is better for it.


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