Thursday, April 01, 2010

The *Real* Game Changer! ClioPad

While everyone is talking about slate-style tech devices these days, our friends at Apple should be careful about all the new competition hitting the market.

The simple truth is that there will be a lot of comparable products in 6-months time, including Stem's client Clio, who have just beat Apple by shipping their new ClioPad days before Apple did, and were distributing demo devices at this year's ABA Techshow. We may be more than a month away from getting an iPad in Canada, but ClioPads are heading out to Canadian mailboxes now.

The device is really fantastic. Unlike Apple, Clio is actually taking usability & battery life seriously, with the device operating way longer than anything on the market. Plus I can take it on an trip and not worry about WiFi access up in the air.

Has there ever been a device more suited to lawyers? At least today, I can't think of another. Check it out!


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