Monday, April 12, 2010

CALL/ACBD: Proving the Value of Library Services Report & A New Survey

As announced on the CALL listserv, Deborah Copeman and Michel-Adrien Sheppard have released their report, "Best Practices for Demonstrating the Value of Your Library Services", now available on the Courthouse and Law Society Libraries SIG section of the CALL website.

Compiled from CALL members' responses several months ago, the report concludes that there are:
" "best" best practices, only best practices that make sense to your library in the context of your organizational structure. In other words, value measurement puts stakeholders in the centre of the picture."
Common practices described in the report are surveys, evaluations, outreach/marketing, user testimonials, and statistics. An extensive bibliography is also included.


In other CALL news, the Vendor Liaison Committee (VLC) is conducting a survey on the 2010 financial outlook for Canadian law libraries. Responses (from people with budget responsibility in their libraries) are requested by April 30th, and will be reported at the CALL conference in Windsor in May, as well as on the VLC section of the CALL website.


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