Monday, March 15, 2010

PKM & Turning Down the Information Firehose

As some of you may know, I sometimes moonlight as a column editor for the ABA's Law Practice magazine. This month's column, written by David Hobbie, addresses a topic that I have a long standing fascination with: Personal Knowledge Management, or PKM.

Titled Personal Knowledge Management: Turning Down the Information Fire Hose, David offers a number of practical suggestions for lawyers to 'listen effectively' to their topics of interest online. He also discusses methods for creating a systematized approach to collecting, documenting and ultimately recalling those important pieces of information at a later date.

It's a good article, and hopefully will inspire readers to consider (or reconsider) their own personal approach to capturing what they're reading online. Plus, if Google truly is making us stupid, we're all going to need to invest in custom solutions. Before it's too late! :)

Many thanks to David for such an outstanding contribution.


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