Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BC Law Watch Launches!

A very cool west coast project we've been working on with Dye & Durham, the BC Law Watch Blog is now in operation!

The concept behind the site is to identify a variety of local industry news from around B.C. The intended sources should range from local associations, to government agencies, the Law Society, Law Foundation and BC Courts, to name only a few. In fact, working with D&D we were able to create a list of more than 50 RSS feeds and watched webpages for BC legal organizations. All of which is to say, we hope will provide the infrastructure to track things in an appropriate manner.

The other interesting twist to this website, is that D&D will be blogging about some of the infrastructure issues that effect law firm business operations. For those who subscribe to their FYI Industry Updates, you'll know that D&D is very in tune with issues such as: court closures, changes in filing & service fees, or scheduled outages for services like BC Online and the CSO. That type of operational knowledge is unique in my experience, and something D&D is in a great position to share.

So congratulations to everyone at Dye & Durham! Yes, I know that 'now the hard work begins' ... but having worked in Vancouver firms for many years, I also know there's a need for this type of niche publishing; and, I believe you are in an excellent position to provide it!


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