Friday, September 04, 2009

New BC Bill Tracking Service from Quickscribe

Tracking and monitoring legislation is one of the law library's most critical tasks. Many librarians live in fear of missing or catching an important development too late.

For BC researchers, Quickscribe Online is launching an alert service that may help, their new Bill Tracker.

Developed over the past several months with significant input from various members of VALL, the beta RSS-based Bill Tracker lets researchers track new laws and amendments to existing ones.
"Quickscribe’s new Bill Tracker (beta) uses RSS feeds to notify you when new legislation and proposed amendments are first introduced (1st reading) and again when (and if) the Bill achieves 3rd reading. Once notified, you will be provided with a direct link to the Bill so you can read the proposed amendments. If a Bill has undergone any changes from 1st to 3rd reading you will be able to easily compare the two versions side by side with the changes highlighted in colour.

The Bill Tracker can also be used as an effective tool for catching consequential amendments that can easily get overlooked."
Here's a screenshot:

The Bill tracker feed is now available for QS Online subscribers, and for those that sign up for Quickscribe's free trial.

Quickscribe CEO Mike Pasta notes that the service is "especially useful for tracking consequential amendments and for viewing any changes that occur from 1st to 3rd reading."


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