Wednesday, August 26, 2009 Re-Launches

Just received an email from Catherine Best announcing the revision & relaunch of her website Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research.

First of all, I'd like to voice a thank-you to Catherine Best for updating a website that has taught so many of us about legal research, especially digital legal research. It was one of the first websites (or at least a generation of websites, from the mid to late '90s) to have a significant amount of Canadian legal content.

Feeling nostalgic, I was trying to recall how long may have been online. It certainly felt like more than 10 years... Sure enough, a whois search shows the site was first registered in September 1998. Talk about longevity!

In terms of the Canadian legal web, that qualifies as 'pioneer' status. Or at least it should... remember, this is before content management software, before blogs, and everything was hand coded. Not too many Canadian lawyers were web publishing in the late '90s. Catherine Best was.

Oh, and the re-design & updated tutorials? Now ready for a whole new generation to enjoy! Please head on over...


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