Monday, April 30, 2007

LLRX's Redesign Looks Great!

Tim Stanley & Co have rolled out a new design for LLRX, and personally I think it looks great! And a big 'well done' to Sabrina Pacifici for upgrading what was already a world class resource. Website launches and redesigns don't get much press these days. There's always a million issues to deal with, a ton of work involved, and not much thank-you. Well Sabrina - thank-you. :-)

LLRX has been my 'old reliable' for many years now. Whether it's KM, intranets, legal research, marketing or technology topics, I count on LLRX to deliver the legal industry's take on things. As we all should remind ourselves now and then: before blogs, there was LLRX.

Congrats to everyone involved.

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