Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New RSS Tool - Yahoo Pipes

If you haven't been following the web-tech circles lately, you may have missed the buzz surrounding Yahoo's newest RSS tool - Pipes.

Pipes allows you to combine different data feeds, like RSS, into a single output. It's similar to other feed tools, but the environment is all web based, with an interface that's similar to visual programming applications. What makes this tool a winner though, is the logic behind the operations. You can filter, remix, and mash-up feeds to produce an incredible array of new content types.

While I think this is probably the most sophisticated RSS tool on the market to date, it is also not the easiest to grasp conceptually. For those interested in taking it for a spin, start with Yahoo's product overview, and move on to these tutorials below:

For me, Pipes represents a level of reliability that we haven't always received with other RSS filtering and re-mixing tools. Despite the learning curve, this is one tool that should prove worth the time investment. I'm looking forward to it!

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