Friday, September 01, 2006

Linkout Fridays

I was asked by a friend recently to start sharing more of the blogs that I'm reading. I thought I had been, but after looking back at my recent posting history, I could probably do so a bit more. I'm not sure I can commit to an every Friday thing, but for now I'm going to try and highlight a blog (or blogs) that have recently entered my aggregator, and let you know why I'm enjoying them. This Friday, I'll start with a double. [no pun intended]

First up, Tom Boone & Joshua Brauer's Library Laws (Are Meant to Be Broken) blog. They built it on drupal. Isn't that enough? :-) I'm also into the open source and LAMP stack software themes, and how they apply to Libraries and information delivery. Add in commentary on Web 2.0, development trends, tagging, the moodle/drupal integration, and a bit of KM, and is it any wonder these guys fast tracked to my blogroll? I only wish this one came out more often (same could be said of this blog, no worries guys!).

And the second linkout goes to Melissa Kluger's Precedent: The New Rules of Law and Style. Completely off my beat eh? Yup, and Fashionista (the resident fashion critic) would skewer me for wearing a sports jacket, but this blog is way too cool to not get noticed. One of the few fun blogs I subscribe to, but well worth the time, and keep an eye out for Melissa's litigator / reporter side too. Plus, it's Canadian! The blog design could use a bit of work, but hey, I'm a techie... Keep it up Melissa!


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