Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Linkout - Jack Vinson

This Friday's linkout goes to Jack Vinson and his blog Knowledge Jolt with Jack.

Jack is one of my most trusted sources for Knowledge Management information outside the legal industry. Not only does he regularly link up to quality sources, but when he does, he usually offers a bit of his own personal commentary. That's important to me.

I think anyone who reads a blog regularly must eventually trust that author's voice. Simply put, I trust Jack's. He run his own consulting practice, Knowledge Jolt, Inc., based out of Chicago. He's also adjunct faculty at the Center for Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University, and active with the KM Chicago group. All great credentials. But most of all, I value Knowledge Jolt for the new directions I've been sent in. For example, I wouldn't have discovered Luis Suarez (another great KM blogger) without KJwJ. The on blog coversation isn't bad either.

Finally, if you're touring the site, be sure to check out his list of book reviews. He rates them from one to five cups of coffee. As he describes, "based on how many cups I might drink talking to you about the book". How can you not like a guy who measures value with caffeinated beverages? RSS subscription here.


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