Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Firm's First Law Blog!

Summer project announcement time [remember last year's?] ... As of yesterday, my law firm has launched our first professional law blog. Three members of from our Technology & IP Group - Neil Melliship, Larry Munn and Karen Monteith are going to collaborate on the Canadian Trademark Blog! [Subscribe here]

Disclaimer time... I'm the designer, developer, back-end-guy & blog coach here. So if anything goes awry, full marks to me; and if the blog's a success, kudos to Karen, Larry & Neil for the fantastic content I know they'll be publishing.

The concept is pretty cool. Here's the description from the official first post ...."Our goal here is to mix three different perspectives on Canadian Trade-marks - solicitor, litigator, and trade-mark agent; while still drawing connections and pointing out issues relating to technology, IP & privacy law."

Neil's the Solicitor, Larry's the Litigator & Karen is the Trade-mark Agent. My original thought was that Neil should do this alone (one blog, one voice), but after a little persuading (thanks Neil), I have no doubt that this will be a great group effort. The addition of Karen and Larry not only provide insightful voices, but like Neil, I'm personally pulling for them because of the type of people they are. And yes, you can consider that a personal endorsement. :-)

So congratulations gang, and here's to a successful first CW blogging effort!

Update: For those interested in the nuts & bolts of putting the blog together, I have a Slaw post up on that topic.


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