Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Court Decisions Next for RSS?

There are two fundamental areas that will make RSS technology indispensable to legal practice - the first is feeds for legislative changes, and the second is feeds for court decisions.

In Canada, legislative feed efforts are being led by Alberta's QP, with Parliament close behind. I also have high hopes that BC's QP Legaleze will release something in the near future. Things aren't moving as quick as many of us would like, but at least they're moving.

The next important step for legal RSS should be, as I see it, the ability to create RSS feeds for new court decisions. More specifically, decision database search results need to be available in RSS format -- similar to that of Google News. That way, as new decisions are added that match our keywords, interested users will be immediately notified in their RSS Reader software.

That's the vision, anyway.

Update 08/24: Gary Price notes the United States Appeals Court (Seventh Circuit) has just launched RSS Feeds. More movement, nice!


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