Friday, July 21, 2006

Largest Group of Blogging Professionals? Say it With Me, Librarians!

Are Librarians the largest group of blogging professionals out there right now? Steven Cohen thinks so.

Right at the end of the above post, he says:

"BTW, librarians have, by far, the most professional blogs. My conclusions are by no means scientific. When I was at PubSub, I looked at this stuff all day (Oh, what a wonderful service we could have provided to the industy - ho-hum). Second would have to be the PR bloggers. Third. Maybe the legal profession."

I can't help but think this is true. Having actively tracked both Librarian & Law Blogs (Cohen's #3) for a while now, I'd say the volume does seem larger within the Library realm.

However, one distinction must be made - the strength of the Law blogging community is not in volume, but in the number of influential bloggers. This blog (the VLLB) was probably one of the few listed on both of PubSub's rank lists, and I can tell you that getting to the top of the Legal blog tracker was way harder!

Now obviously the numbers thing isn't something that can be easily proven, but I have to say, even if Librarians are only 'one of the largest groups' blogging, that's cool! And coming from a profession that's needed a kick in the 'ol profile department for a while, the trend of Blogging Librarians may just represent our branding emancipation! We need to establish ourselves as a smart tech-info-business-savvy group, and we're doing that, via the blog. The same way Lawyers are adding the human elements of trust & understanding to their profession, via the blog.

Can you feel the tide changing? I can. :-)


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