Saturday, June 03, 2006

excited utterances is moving

Watch out! Our KM blogging friend excited utterances is moving, partnering and going entrepreneurial!

Before I get too far, home base has changed. Here's the new url:

So here's the scoop. Joy London has partnered up with Sean Hocking's Law Library News over at The new publication is titled "Law Librarian News & excited utterances", and will now be a subscription service, with an annual price of $130 Canadian.

Under the new arrangement, excited utterances' archives will now be taken behind a subscription firewall. My only comment here is that I hope this situation doesn't destroy the growth of Joy's blog. It's rare, in my experience, for blogs do well outside the vision of the search engines where most new readers are likely to come from. That said, Joy's blog has an excellent reputation, and a strong word-of-mouth viral marketing aspect to it.

If you're an RSS subscriber, you'll want modify your feed to the new URL. Looks like the full text feed option is no longer available, dropping down to headlines only. Hopefully this is just a transition issue, and the RSS can get back to a full text delivery. (???)

For more than 4 years now, excited utterances has offered exceptional legal KM coverage, and I continue to be a big fan. This is a big step, and in many ways, a brave one. So best of luck to you Joy and Sean! My fingers are crossed.


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