Friday, May 26, 2006

VALL Executive Changes

VALL members received an email today describing changes to the Executive structure for 2006-2007.

The biggest change is that there will now be a core executive, made up of a Past President, President, Vice President, Membership, and Treasurer. This group will liaise with, but not meet with, two supporting committees - Communications and Programme, each with 4 members.

Perhaps it's because I'm only a year removed from the VALL executive, but these changes seem very reasonable. At over 100 members, it was time to add more support to the two core operational functions - lunches and publishing. These functions, while very important to VALL, can at times overwhelm the Executive's larger role. By focusing the 'team', and increasing the number of helping hands from 10 to 13, other good things can now happen.

Also, by separating out the executive group, there's now a chance to address the bigger issues like: skills training, succession planning, electronic communications, awards & recognition, or at the very least, brainstorm & talk about new ideas and directions.

If you haven't looked at the strategic directions document, it's well done and worth a look. Short, simple and to the point.

My year in the VALL executive was one of the most rewarding I've had, so I've gladly signed up for another run. Wanna come? you have until May 30th to contact Susan Crysler. There's only a couple of spots left! :-)


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